I actually do not know where to start, so I am gonna pick the random card here. I am scared witless of heights, deep waters and insects. I love movies (particularly movie-making), media, and a whole lot of things not worth mentioning. In a way, I’m a perfectionist and also mildly suffer from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I like things to be perfect (or somewhere close), which probably is the reason I chose to work in the field of Advertising – which doesn’t completely require perfection, but I think it runs parallel. I’ve not quite positioned myself in Advertising, but I’m almost there.

I am extremely fond of spending my proxy time in doing research about anything that might pop into my mind. I tend to forget things easily and try to make a note of important things I would want to do later. The only problem is that I always feel lazy to make notes and hardly ever practice this mysterious art.

I wouldn’t label myself as a social creature, but I thoroughly enjoy it with the right company. I prefer spending a good chunk of time analysing a stranger before even indulging in a simple conversation which I know would not last longer than a whole minute. Probably one of the reasons I wouldn’t label myself as social.

Running back, I would want to mention again that I am very passionate about movies and anything related remotely closed to movies. I will probably even fill this page with the list of movies I have watched and worshiped. For now, I hope this description gives you a tiny glimpse of me. I would prefer it vague. Did I mention that I am an Indian living in Dubai?

– Lalit Paryani

  1. m@q
    25 October 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Nice intro… and offcourse nice blog too…

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