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Person I’d like to meet #1 – Quentin Tarantino

Much like my previous post, I’m starting a series of blog posts about people I would like to meet. There is no specific dimension of people that would be listed, but I’m guessing most of these would be celebrities (though I’ll try not to make that the norm). In each of my posts, I’ll provide a short description of who that person is and state the reason why I would like to meet them. Who knows, some day I might follow-up with a blog post after actually meeting someone on my list. And who better to kick start the series than Quentin Tarantino?

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is the reason I want to get into film-making, or at least one of the reasons. His sheer passion for cinema has always transitioned into the movies he makes. Now, I am not saying that he is the best writer/directer there is. I’ve not seen enough cinema to even come close to judging that, but Quentin sure is a legend. A legend who respects and honours other cinematic greats.

Of all the interviews I’ve watched, I have never seen Quentin speak his mind entirely. He always has that extra bit of information which he can never seem to impart because there just isn’t enough time. That is why I want to meet him. The knowledge I would gain in conversation with him of even a few minutes would be massive, to say the least. And it’s not just the interviews. His movies not only create classic cinema but constantly reference them too. You get transported back into this completely different era even though the movie might be set within a modern environment.

He is just fearless when it comes to film-making. He doesn’t bother about market trends or what might sell. He knows his niche and he continues producing for them. I am glad (and proud) to be one of his followers. I have so many questions I would like to ask of Quentin and I know that when I do actually meet him (which is highly unlikely, I might add) I’d be absolutely speechless and behave like a little kid with a sugar-rush.

Image source: Google’s LIFE photo archive

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