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I’m writing a script

Inspiration, sometimes, comes from sources which one least expects. Sometimes, we explore the external world in hopes of running into some form of inspiration and fail. How I was inspired to write a script? I do not know. I do not know because there wasn’t just one thing that convinced me to write. It might be difficult for me to pinpoint the igniting force… but that is unimportant.

All I know is that I am inspired to write a script. I am working on the synopsis and have not yet decided the overall theme/genre yet. As soon as my initial draft of the synopsis is complete, I will share it on this blog so that you can view each update live (through the magic of Google Docs). I intend to assign a deadline this time around because I lost focus without a proper plan previously (when I tried to write a script). Losing focus not only introduced a lot of inefficiencies in crafting my script, but I somehow lost interest and had to scrap the whole idea because of the distance that was created.

Initially, I thought of going back to my maiden idea, but had to decide against it because it just didn’t seem that personal to me anymore. Because of the distance I have managed to bring in between me and that initial idea, I would scratch many surfaces and just waste time with it.

I will publish a separate page on this blog in a few months which will detail my progress with the script and will provide access to read the work as and when I update it. I just hope I don’t get off-tracked again.

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  1. Harsha
    22 March 2009 at 10:28 am

    All the best!

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