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War of the birds

This morning a bunch of pigeons decided to convert our balcony into a war ground. Everyday, we draw out a big bowl of pigeon food and watch as the birds feast all day long. Today, however, the events unfolded differently.

This is before the rest of them joined in to initiate the battle

This is before the rest of them joined in to initiate the battle

Apparently, a huge flock of birds decided to fill their beaks together today. Now, even though our balcony is large enough, it didn’t seem enough for these bunch of birds. Never have they had to resort to pecking at each other to create some personal space in the past. But with today’s increased population, that’s exactly what they decided to do. Without a moment’s notice, the bigger birds decided to ram their beaks into whoever was near to clear up space for themselves. I’m not sure if pigeons display gang behaviour or not; but it seemed like every bird was for themselves.

All of this was happening before my very eyes. I was peacefully watching TV when I heard low thumping sounds coming from the other side of the balcony window. I quickly went over to investigate. Usually, when I step close to the window, these birds fly away; but they were preoccupied in their little “battle” to even notice me today. It was surreal. I didn’t know if I should interfere and break apart this quarrel or just stand there and mind my own business. I decided to do the latter and click some photos until I noticed what was happening down below.

The remains from the battle

The remains from the battle

We have artificial grass laid down on our balcony floor which was showered by pigeon feather that was falling off the bodies of the birds as a result of all this mad pecking. It didn’t take much time for me to realise that it would be a pain getting all of this feather off the carpet. That’s when I swung open my balcony door and without having to do anything more, the birds flew away with a loud flutter. The photo above is just one of the little feather pieces stuck to the carpet. My balcony is currently littered with thousands of this stuff. Now I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

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