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Woah! I just felt a minor tremor while writing up a report at work. I assumed all the thinking for the report got me dizzy because I’ve been working on it since morning — but it was in fact a tremor.

Gulfnews has confirmed that the epicenter of the quake was 43 meters west of Qishm Island. Almost everyone in our office rushed out of the building and before I could think of evacuating myself, I saw all of them dragging themselves back in. They were probably expecting the rest of the day to be called off or something — actually, even I was expecting something similar. Oh, and why I didn’t evacuate myself is a long story which I’m not gonna bother typing down now. I’m still laughing at my friends who were frantically pushing the blame for the tremor on the Large Hadron Collider testing that began today. šŸ˜€

At least my few lazy co-workers who were busy snoozing on their desks will get some work done now.

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