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At a crossroad

It’s funny that it seems my spark to blog has been extinguished just as I have started this blog. Actually, that’s not the case… it’s just that I’ve been very busy with an event coming up in early October (of which I cannot disclose much information about).

When I started working, I never thought I’d be able to manage events at all. I’m glad a few experiences have changed my whole perspective of event management for the good. I should also mention that I’ve taken up a lot of PR (Public Relations) work which takes up a lot of my time… but I’m really enjoying the challenge. So much so, that I’ve made up my mind that I want to pursue my masters in Media and Mass Communications. That’s probably where the challenge lies as well.

The course I want to pursue involves a lot of creative input rather than sifting through a heap of books — which becomes the only measuring yardstick of a student’s intelligence. An of course, it would be better to study the course in an environment that lets creativity reach the students as well rather than remain at a corporate level where you only hear about such stuff. Rather sadly, the exposure to the said creativity has limited access in Dubai. Of course, the sort of creativity I am referring to cannot be properly defined, so I’m not going there yet, and I might define it in my later posts.

The above paragraph roughly dictated the dilemma I face — should I pursue my masters in Dubai? At this moment I’m stuck between going to India (where I will be able to access some excellent resources for the course I’m looking for) or find a institute in Dubai. Of course, if I put it this way the obvious solution is India; and so I guess it would be a good time to mention that I’ve lived in Dubai my entire life and shifting to a new place is something I evaluate as an operating cost than anything else (although India is my motherland). It’s just that I don’t really know how much time it would take for me to settle down in a new environment. I’ve got a good eight months to weigh my options and after giving it a lot of thought (for about two months), I’ve gotten nowhere.

Starting November, I will really have to begin some intensive research by visiting the facilities in India and get a lot of opinions. That will of course confuse me, but that’s something I will take up as a challenge again.

That’s it for a quick update. Wish me luck. More about this later.

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