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I almost rammed a kitten

While I was driving down this narrow road yesterday evening, this little kitten jumped right onto the road about 10 meters ahead of my car. I was travelling at a good 60KMPH at that moment.

I slammed on my brakes, swerved just in time and turned on the hazard lights to alert the mini-bus behind me while the kitten was frozen with shock as it had no clue what was going on. It just stood there on the side of the road and managed to walk onto the middle of the road after my car had passed. I slowed down and thought I would probably witness roadkill as I looked in horror at the little kitten through my center-view mirror, now sitting in the middle of the road as the mini-bus approached.

It was very graceful of the bus driver to stop his vehicle in the middle of the road. By the time he could apply the brakes, the bus was on top of the kitten. Thankfully, the kitten was sitting in the center of the road or it would have surely met with the tyres of the bus. The driver stepped out of the bus, expecting the worst, with cars blaring their horns behind him, not knowing why he had stopped. He quickly scanned the area under the bus and saw the fearful kitten sitting below… completely frozen. He then tried to whoosh the kitten away, which the kitten thankfully saw as a sign to flee. It then quickly proceeded off the road and ran into safe ground.

I remember holding my breath the entire time and I felt a sigh of relief run through knowing that the kitten was safe from any danger for that particular moment. However, I’m not sure of its fate that is to come.

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