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Internet’s down

For the past two days I have had no access to the internet from home. Dad was online in the morning when suddenly the line just dropped.

We did the regular restarting of the router, and even switched it off for a few minutes but it just failed to connect to the internet. My ISP told me over the phone that something was wrong with the telephone line, and they’ll send some over to check the problem out. But that’s not really the point of this post actually.

When I’m home from work, I usually wait about an hour or so – relax- and head over to spend/waste a lot of time online… doing nothing. These two internet-less days have made me realise just how much time I waste looking around for information online which I don’t really require in the first place. I got a lot of other work done while my internet was down and I have finally decided to stay off the computer at home (as much as I can). I already do sit in front of my computer at work for most of the time, so I probably should get accustomed to all things screen-less.

Damn, I feel so disconnected yet liberated when not connected to onto the internet. It’s a curse and a blessing in disguise all at the same time.

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