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Hocus Joker is mine

For those of you who know me well, this is my 10th first post.
That’s because I follow the trend of maintaining a blog for a while, only to delete it after roughly a year. Hopefully, this will be the end of such a regime. That being said, I will bother explaining what “Hocus Joker” will try to provide.

I guess I could start off by introducing myself and what I do, but I’m gonna save that for the “About Me” page which I plan to publish later (edit: About Me page is active). I don’t want readers scrolling down to my first post to learn about the author (that is, if I have readers at all). This concludes me to directly skip at explaining the reasoning behind Hocus Joker.

I am, flat out, a movie geek. I am easily inspired by movie characters – one of which is The Joker from the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight. However, more than being inspired by The Joker, I am awed by what I’ve seen from the trailer, and of course being inspired would lead me to follow a path most of the world would consider wrong. In fact, to say I have been awed would be an understatement, and what I truly feel about the character is best left unexplained. But it goes without saying that I have been so impressed by the character that I was compelled to include it in my blog title.

As has happened before, the phase might pass and I might forget all about The Joker, but that would have me change the title as I believe it’ll have a little history attached to it, which I might explain to my children at some point. Maybe.

So that’s the title. What could you expect of my blog posts, I hear you ask? I shall answer. I am not gonna limit my blog to a particular aspect, but much rather will share beliefs trying to be as unbiased as possible. Therefore it’s gonna be a little difficult in trying to exactly define a concept. Hence, trying to derive a definition might require you to scan through a few blog posts, which leads me to announce – I’m super lazy and might even come around to posting after very long intervals.

That being said, I welcome you to my mind, and hope you enjoy reading my posts. I also welcome all comments. šŸ™‚

And no, I’ve not forgotten to mention what the Hocus in Hocus Joker implies. I’m just trying to leave in a bit of ambiguity.

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